Longest Survival so far

I can't believe I'm able to survive not log in to livejournal fr months. For t6he sake of RL. My longest survival so far is almost 6 months. And in those  months, I also limited my access to other media related to fandom. Friends are my only source of information.

In a way, the past months seems okay. But I do have time when I crave for fangirling things so much. It came whenever I feel lonely or tired. Fangirling used to be my sweet escape.

And I need my sweet escape now. Like NOW. Let's see how I can catch up everything here. I missed a lot.

Everyone starts to move.

So one by one they move to another host..

I'm quite new here and I liked it already. Moving to a new place will be a bit hard for me. I'm a bit picky person about something personal -like journals- so making a new one will take me a lot of effort to think and try out this and that.

Not sure when to start, maybe later when I have more time to do fangirling again.
My RL seems kinda intense this year :(

Meanwhile, let me check everything I've been missing here in the last months.
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I miss Arashi....

Not watching Arashi's videos, getting updates on Arashi's news and bangumi for 2 weeks has been torturing me. And I still have to bear it for about 2 months more....

I really miss them.


I know everyone's talking about Nigehaji. I watched the first episode and understood why they are addicted to this dorama. I managed to watch it until episode 5, then got distracted by RL.
I started to watch ep 6 but I found it's not as interesting as I saw it before. Maybe because the gap I had in between? I kinda forgot the feeling this dorama has created in me during my binge watching till ep 5. The fact that my RL should be prioritized makes it less important until I forgot how good and cute the couple was. Or maybe because the story doesn't relevant to my current life anymore. I don't know.

I am too lazy to rewatch it from ep 1. But I don't have enough motivation to continue watching ep 6. And I don't want to read any spoilers. So let me stop for now. I'll wait until the last episode is released (subbed, ofc). This dorama will end next week, anyway.

Oh, TBS is gonna have Kimutaku and Matsuken next season! Tanoshimi~~~
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J a p o n i s m

I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEE this concert so much! Thank you, Junpon, Arashi-sama, staff-san, minna-san. Really, this concert is so beautiful.

To be honest, I'm not that impressed with Japonism album. It felt a bit random to me, I somehow didn't get the Japonism message that they brought. But, the concert is a different story. They captured the feels of Japan x Johnny's well there.

They took us to the things-that-only-Japan-have right from the opening scene. The only thing that bother me was the anime version of Arashi which didn't resemble them that much. I think there are many fanartists who can draw them better. Sorry Jun and artist-san :| Anyway Jun, you probably need to explore the net to find Arashi's fanarts for your future concert reference.

Then I love the dance (was it a dance?) they did before Wild at Heart. I unintentionally compared Leader's dance to the other four's. And yes, you know that our Oh-chan is at different level :p. But there was Troublemaker that took Arashi and Johnny's Jrs at the same level. Looking good!

Fast forward, the best performance goes to Masquerade. This song was actually one of the songs that distorts my feeling of Japonism in the album. But the flow of the concert made it less out of place. I love the costume and choreo. Thank you, Oh-chan! And Nino looked so hot there, even hotter than his In the Room.

The second most favorite performace is Bolero! Yeah, everyone's crazy about Nino's high voice there, so am I. Now I can't listen to its original version anymore. Apart from it, Bolero! had rare Matsumiya! J called him Kazu is heaven for me.

For Disc 2, the one that left strong impression for me is only Japonesque. I want that Kimono!! The fabric looked so silky, smooth, and very expensive, LOL. The best color combination I found is Sho's. Aiba's is also nice, tho. Yurari yurari yurete...

The rest was more or less similar to the other concerts, no? So let me talk a bit about their solos. Nino was cute as usual, a bit "slutty" here and there, but yeah he's a real performer. I bet he can have a solo showdown where he sings, plays music and video games, dances, does magic, and be the MC at the same time. Jun-kun, I'm sorry I often didn't get your solo. But the parkour was good, please proceed with backflip someday :p. Sho-chan, your solo beautifully showed your nerd side. An A+ for the outfit, red suits you well! Aiba-shi, thank you for making me hold my breath at the end of your performance. I wish Disco Star-sama and Mr. Funk can get along together. Last but not least, we had Ohno Satoshi who was superb in his solo like always. Apart from the performance (which was not that special for Tackey fans, I bet), this song is so Ohno-poi. I could't think anyone from Arashi singing this song but Leader.

When we talk about concert, fanservice is the one that fans look forward to. I found there were not so many fanservices compared to the other concert. Or maybe just me who didn't care anymore because the show itself was so entertaining. Ah yes, there was one that made me sad when the other Johnny's who came to watch this concert only get little attention. Ne, Jun-kun, maybe next time you can spare more minutes on them. But thank you for coming and bowing to their seats.

All in all, Japonism has become my favorite album concert. Sorry Arashi Time, you come as second now.

Looking forward to their next concert!

Ups, almost forgot to say this: H! B! D! M! J!
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I am forever shipping them

Ninomiya Kazunari x Aiba Masaki
These two are unbeatable. Both of them do not have many friends in private, but look how they keep their friendship/brotherhood/love/whatever on fire day by day, years by years. Those two are my favorite pairing of all entertainment industry. Anyway, I don't mind inserting Kazama Shunsuke in between them.

Matsumoto Jun x Ikuta Toma
Being in the same Jimusho does not enough for them. They enlarge the circle by being in the same "gangster" of ikemen actors. Ikuta Toma will always be Arashi's sixth member. Always. Jun will never let anyone replace him. Jun loves Toma more than anyone loves him, I bet. Anyway, I don't mind inserting Oguri Shun in between them.

Ohno Satoshi x Okada Junichi
Oh.. Johnny's elites in their own ways. Though there were that many stories about them, since they only spent 3 months together in Jr. era, I can tell how they love and respect each other. Anyway, I don't mind inserting Sakurai Sho in between them.

Kokubun Taichi x Inohara Yoshihiko
Too real. They spread the love whenever they are fooling around. I imagine someday, their kids play together and boasting about their fathers' episodes in front of everyone. Hot hubbies, hot daddies!

Whichever group they are belong to, I bet the bond between them will be tied forever.

Because Ninomiya-san is Aiba-sama's Biggest Fan

I almost cried watching Nino's solo in The Digitalian. I actually didn't pay much attention to the whole performance because my focus was on Nino's eyes. And those lyrics. Those lovely and romantic lyrics he wrote for - I assume - his beloved buddy, Aiba.

What's that? How Aiba felt when he first listened to the song? What was Aiba doing in the backstage while his younger brother singing about them in front of 55000 people? What did the other members think about it?

Oh, Nino, you're such a lovely little bratty bestfriend!

I envy Aimiya's brotherhood...
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Blue-Yellow Radio #01

The unsent letters to Arashi Discovery and Bay Storm.

Good morning, Ohno-san!
I am always amazed by your artistic point of view. In Ohno-san's hands, everything turns out to be beyond expectation (in a good way) when it comes to something that needs creativity. Before you are in Arashi, or even before joining Johnny's, did you ever realize that you have tendency to make something different from the others? If you still remember, what is the first artistic work that make someone say "you have talent!" to you? Good luck for your Freestyle II!

Dear Nino-chan,
I think I know why you are my ichiban in Arashi. You are the closest one I can relate to my real life. I mean, it must be tough being an idol, right? But it seems that you do not really care about being an idol itself. I did not mean it in a negative way, tho. Because you are being who you are while being an idol. The thing like you love playing games endlessly, the thing that you don't like going outside, the thing that you snap people with your brilliant comment, the thing that you are too lazy to do sport, the thing that you don't pay much attention to your body or face, hair, fashion, to your private life. Those all make you more like a friend to me rather than an idol that I look up to. Thank you Nino-chan, for who you are. Thank you!
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Big Love and Thank You!

Dear Arashi,

Thank you for sharing your big love towards us. You will never know how much the 5 of you mean to Arashians all over the world. You will never know that some people living in the part of the world that you hardly imagine are aware and grateful of your existence.

Please keep supporting each other, be the inspiration for us, as always. Stay healthy and be happy!

Thank you for spending your life pleasing us ;)

With love,
One lonely Arashian.

"Kimi no Yume wo Miteita"

Didn't have any intention to post anything here, actually. But I'm really falling for "Kimi no Yume wo Miteita" from THE DIGITALIAN. The song is so nice that I can't help but put my thought about it somewhere. This journal was chosen then.

This song is the first one my heart chose when listening to the whole album. It gives the same vibe as "My Girl". Even without reading its lyrics or translation, one can tell that this song is so sweet and somewhat romantic. It is not a love song, I would say. Rather, it is a song where one can feel the warmth of life while listening to it. S/he is being told that, "you are not alone in this world :)".

It amused me more when I think how it will be delivered during concert. This is definitely the song for fan-service. The 5 men will go around the arena, waving at their fans while smiling or making "peace" sign. Then, they will gather in the main/central stage, do more fan-service, saying never ending "domo arigatou!!" and finally go into backstage. The encores come afterwards.

One thing I wish for the live performance of this song is... Arashi wearing T-shirt and NOT costumes with furs or sparkling things. Please.
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